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Nghe Thuat Lam Tinh Bang Mieng

Nghe Thuat Lam Tinh bang mieng ( Art of oral sex)

Nghệ thuật làm tình

This article briefly just talk about art more enclosed space, also known as oral sex. Remember this is only the theory of relativity, you need to add the new discoveries are adept

Often when women have close to your partner are very interested in kissing, teasing the enclosed space until their orgasms.

There are many enthusiasts who are placed in the enclosed space of her own to discover the wonderful things in it because they can do for your partner to achieve orgasm as a stimulating conversation with them a wealth together. However, many people see it as something dirty, and many people enjoy it.

If you do not be shy fragrant smell because of the position in metric tonnes, then you should probably cleverly proposed to his girlfriend to clean bathrooms. Can use less powder helps remove odor smell.

You should be aware! Usually girls like to touch and "tease" gently to warm up before you enter the contest. There's no girl that inspired you to Austria rushing into one of the enclosed space. Has called sensitive areas, then we have to cherish the gallantry as thin egg. If so, then her new stimulus

One good way is to start by kissing her on the side as from the forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, ears and neck. Then slowly crawl down to the chest, abdomen, and tremor. Married at the hands coordinate with your friendly technology for smoothly in harmony with kisses. Do not put your hand into the enclosed space of her excl.gif hurry. That would be to only slowly. Remember that patience helps you become the ideal situation there. Love is the daughter of his mates said patient, said cushiony.

When I run it more gently put his hand out of her clothes. After clothing has been acting out, the marriage continues. Hands at work around her torso. Remember not to touch the secret places of her, for her purposes is to wait for the magical moment. The more you wait the more easily reach orgasm then.

After that she seemed satisfied with what your caress, it's time to decide on the penalty area to attack: unsure:. You put your hand in between her thighs. Remember that just put it, less moving parts. Continuing the run of her kissing her death Angry.gif news! Then moved a few fingers up slightly and then stop, swimming pool for two fingers in the air to touch the negative capillary (hair) of her. Her butt will ensure leaned up to catch your finger. You do not give her satisfaction; Please withdraw your finger on and continue playing with her until her most popular subject. Then you put your fingers lightly touch her beans, ensuring she fainted due to the language extremely happy. As above playing method, you continue to touch and retract, then hit again and again withdrawn. Every time you touch the beans noticing, she emits loud "Damage damage damage" in the throat it! How did you know she had sex before her inspiration, check: Use other fingers touching her vaginal opening, then make sure the wet mem. When you touch the vaginal opening is little doubt that she must step up extremely loud drilling blocks.

Nghe Thuat Lam Tinh bang mieng ( Art of oral sex)

Nghệ thuật làm tình
You continue to play with her a few minutes more, then you want to do without her. Dang pull her legs out, fake your face again, in mid-air when breathing. Will ensure shaking her waiting mouth pressure on you. But you linger excl.gif, to continue breathing. By the time her butt up to the threshold voltage in your mouth, sticking out your tongue, you scan a line from the vaginal opening back up I would read. She will jump to that considered: unsure:! But remember that only scan one line only, then stop. Continue to breathe air when the vagina. Occasional sudden scan lines making her tongue a fun surprise (sure she would love you to death with this method).

When she was satisfied for the outer frame, then you continue onto the next frame. Go straight to the st drilling licked reader, lick the edge of the front. Licking the bottom of vaginal opening, but not to the anus, where it stimulates works! Lick lick like a cat that is gentle softness.

Then, you screw up your mouth close to the vagina, which licking soup read dates in a row, she will jump back up to take off as well anymore. You remember, do not stop, keep licking are powerful but do not lick. Licking a dedicated memory, as you lick an item gloat appetite though you do not like the taste so much coming from there. If swallowing is the better because then you just have to swallow more easily licked. If licking the right way, within just a few minutes, she will reach peak arousal just
Nghe Thuat Lam Tinh


Do you have experience with many different styles while practicing oral sex, all this talk briefly tell you several types:

Lie down: She was to lie down with legs raised and shrink so dang far from comfortable. Your tummy, put his hands under her legs to her legs up spleen for each.

Bed: She was to lie down, butt next to the bed, you kneel on the floor. This position will make your neck and back after each practice.
69: No. 69 is the ideal that most everyone knows, but few people lucky enough to be there for this kind of little "public". Also speaking briefly to those who do not know, this kind of her to lie down, you lie face up, head back to dial up the ass and ass. Both were kissing each other enclosed space.

Nghe Thuat Lam Tinh bang mieng ( Art of oral sex)


Very important in the tongue kissing does not own the art of the penalty area (tongue.gif <= snake tongue).

Your tongue must be flexible and dynamic. Do not be lazy! Tongue always moist by drinking a cup more or less before practice. Wet tongue make her wet vagina, her vagina will be wet slippery. Warmth of her saliva also makes great pleasure.

Between the tongue to clean her out to be infected. Should brush your teeth before and after practice. Suck on a candy making her the occasional loss of sensitive areas. She is definitely like always torpid.

Fast slow tongue is up her feelings, if she is happy to lick up the cry, if she moaned, then licking gently ư atom. As she reached orgasm and then gently lick and do not stop now.

Using his tongue to lick cat licking its own bowl of spinach read as milk. Often applied as she is about to reach orgasm. Can be coordinated by putting fingers into her vagina. Remember, just use your fingers when she fainted happy to forget your finger is clean or not new. If OK, they may stimulate the anus with the other fingers are always possible.

Use the blade to penetrate into the hole of her vagina. As deeply as possible. Very strong last year, not nodding her head, unless your blade is made of trees ....
Nghe Thuat Lam Tinh

Nghe Thuat Lam Tinh bang mieng ( Art of oral sex)

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